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Pick Your Own Odds (PYOO)

How to Pick Your Own Odds

1. Pick Your Own Odds
Select the exact Win odds for your selection by increasing or decreasing Your Odds on selected Australian thoroughbred and harness races. By scrolling through the available prices, the margin your selection needs to win by will change automatically. This allows you to easily select the odds you want before you place your bet, up to a maximum of $201.

2. Choose the Margin Your Selected Horse Will Win By
The minimum selection is to win by more than half a length and goes all the way up to a maximum of ten lengths.

3. How a Pick Your Own Odds Bet is resulted
A 'Pick Your Own Odds' bets is deemed a winner if your chosen horse wins by more than the margin you selected. For example, if Winx wins her next race by an official margin of 2 lengths and you have selected her to win by more than 1 and a 1/2 lengths as the margin, your bet is successful and will be paid out within half an hour of the race being resulted. If Winx doesn’t win, or wins by 1 and a 1/2 lengths or less, there is no return.