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What are Certified Documents?

Follow the steps below: 

1. Which documents shall I provide? 

Section 1 – Primary Document

Please provide one certified Primary Document from the list below:

Section 2 – Secondary Document

Please provide one certified Secondary Document from the list below:

2. How do I Certify My Documents?

Your documents must be certified (witnessed). Please refer to the below list of the most common Authorised Occupations and Positions that are able to certify your documents.

You must print your name and Username on copies of the original documents and sign the document copies in front of the Certifier.

The Certifier should then write the following on the documents:

“I certify that this copy is a true copy of the original document that I have sighted”

And should include:

3. Who can Verify My Documents?

Authorised Occupations:

Other Authorised Occupations:

4.  How can I send in My Documents?

Need further help? Please contact Customer Support.