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How do I deposit with Flexepin?

What is Flexepin?

Flexepin is a top-up voucher you can use to add credit to your account, without needing to register a credit card.

Where can I access Flexepin?

You can find Flexepin vouchers through vendor terminals you see in participating newsagents and convenience stores. We've even added a store locator for you in My Account > Deposit Via Flexepin

How can I use Flexepin?

1.    Visit a Flexepin Vendor (Locate nearest store online under My Account> Deposit Via Flexepin).

2.    Request a top-up voucher at the newsagent / convenience store

3.    Pay for the voucher using cash, credit, or eftpos.

4.    Input the recharge voucher code in the Deposit Via Flexepin section of My Account

What is the Minimum Flexepin Deposit Amount?

The minimum is $10.00

What is the Maximum Flexepin Deposit Amount?

The maximum is $500.00

How long are the recharge codes valid for?

The validity period is stated on the recharge voucher itself and the credit expires 12 months after the voucher is issued.

How long will you need to wait to be credited after redeeming the voucher?

After activating the code, your funds will be available as soon as you receive the confirmation in-app.

What happens if I lose my voucher?

Like any prepaid voucher or gift card, the Flexepin vouchers should be treated like Cash.

Can I exchange the Flexepin Voucher for Cash?