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How do I use Neds Card Top Up?

How do I use Neds Card Top Up?

Neds Card Top Up is a mobile only function and can be done via the Neds mobile site/app or your Neds Card.

To deposit money into your account using Top Up follow the step-by-step guides below:

  1. Take your Neds Card or mobile device with the Neds mobile site/app to the counter of a participating retailer.
    • Locations can be found via the Neds mobile site/app by clicking on My Account > Deposit > Neds Card Top Up > Find location
  2. The retailer will scan the barcode from the Neds mobile site or swipe the mag-stripe on your Neds card on their EPAY terminal (Image below).
  3. Pay in increments of $50 via cash, EFTPOS, debit card or credit card.
  4. Your checkout and load confirmation receipt will be provided.
  5. Your Neds account balance (not your card balance) will update automatically.

Depending on the retailer, it is possible that you will only be able to swipe one time per transaction – if you wish to load multiples, you will need to complete the checkout process again.

Please note that the CTU load will credit funds directly to Neds account, and not to the balance of a winnings card. From your Neds account, funds will need to be turned over through betting activity before you can withdraw via your winnings card.

Remember, refunds will not be permitted once payment has been made due to regulations associated with your Neds account.

Need further help? Please contact Customer Support.