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How do I place a Same Game Multi bet?

Combine markets across all of your favourite sports and racing events for your boldest multi yet.

Select the Same Game Multi tab, then add your selections from the different markets on offer.

Your selections will be highlighted and you’ll see the number of legs and your odds at the bottom of the screen.

Want to take things a step further? Browse to another Same Game Multi enabled event and continue adding legs to build a Same Game Multi+ bet!

When you're done, select add to betslip. Here you’ll be able to manage your bet - Not sure about a market? Just tap on the blue checkbox to update your selections and rebuild your multi. Set your stake, check your selections and when you’re ready, place your bet.

You’ve now built your same game multi. That was easy! 

To check if your multi is still alive, just head to Pending Bets. If any of the legs has resulted and it has a green tick, it means your multi is still alive. If any of the legs has fallen through, you’ll see a grey cross.

Need further help? Please contact Customer Support.