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Manual Verification of Cards

Before any withdrawal requests can be made, customers are required to verify all bank cards used for deposits. 

If the online verification process has not been successful for your cards, or we have requested manual verification, we kindly ask that you email a photograph of both the front and back of your card(s) to (please do not send a scanned copy).

For security purposes, we require the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number, your full name and the expiry date to be clearly visible. 

Please ensure that you mask the middle numbers on the front of your card and the CCV/CVV2 on the back of your card:

Once this information has been provided, your card will be verified and approved for future withdrawals. 

Please be advised that any future bank cards added to your account will need to be verified either through the Verification Centre or in the above manner.