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Gambling self-help guide

In addition to Neds Responsible Gambling Policy, we have implemented a new initiative to educate and help problem gamblers by providing them with the following Self-Help Guide. 

Before you start gambling

If gambling has been problematic in the past, or you just want to get a head start with good habits, please read these tips and keep them in mind whenever you gamble: 

What you need to know about responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling is an initiative that aims to encourage people to minimise any potential harmful behaviour while gambling. At Neds, we are committed to make betting fun for you and everyone around you. That’s why we encourage people with a predisposed tendency to problem gambling – or anyone worried about a loved one – to take advantage of our Responsible Gambling page. The information and resources available here aim to help people manage their gambling, make informed decisions and get help when needed.

How to identify a problem 

Admitting you have a problem is not easy. But it’s the first step to overcoming it so kudos to you for being here. You’re on the right track already. 

If you think gambling is affecting your life, Gambling Help Online has put together a list of questions you need to ask yourself. Your answers will help you see your gambling under a different light.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to reassess you gambling. It’s ok, there are many tools and resources to help you gain control. Just keep reading. 

Still not sure? There are more resources for you. 

Try Gambling Help Online’s Self-Assessment quiz or check out Gamblers Anonymous’ 20 questions.

More information and resources:

I know I have a problem, now what? 

Help is everywhere. We have gathered some handy resources for you to be able to make a change and take steps forward towards tackling problem gambling. But, if in-person help and counselling is more what you need, you can find your local resources by clicking here.

Guides and tools to help you manage your gambling:

To get confidential, one-on-one support please visit this website.

What Neds can do to help you

As part of our commitment to you, we have tools and features available that will allow you to have full visibility and control of your gambling activities on our platform.

Bet history – You can easily find your bet history by going to My Account and clicking on the drop-down menu. This way you can see your transactions, bets, wins and losses and get a clear picture of your gambling behaviour.

Deposit Limits – You have full control over the amount you deposit into your account. Once you know your budget, you should have a clear idea of how much money you have allocated for gambling. To make it easy for you to stick to your budgets, just go to My Account, click on the drop-down menu and click on Responsible Gambling Limit. 

You will then be able to choose your Deposit Limit and your reset period. The reset period means that whatever option you choose is the amount of time that needs to elapse before you’re able to deposit once again if you have already exceeded your maximum. 

Take a break or suspend your account – Sometimes you just need to step away from it all, take a breath and get your stuff together. We get it! In fact, we encourage you to do so. If gambling becomes a problem, you can ban yourself from accessing your Neds account for a specific period of time. It’s all on your terms. 

Just contact our Customer Service team by email through our Contact Us page or telephone 1300-00NEDS (1300 006 337) and they will set it up for you.

How to help a loved one

If you’re concerned about someone close to you and you believe they might have a gambling problem, keep an eye open for the following warning signs: 

Talk to your loved one to express your concerns and encourage them to get help. The road to recovery can be hard or you might not know exactly where to start but it’s ok, you’re not alone. For more information about how to approach this conversation with your loved one please visit this website.

You can find tools and information that will allow you to better offer support and guidance to your loved one here.

If the loved one you’re worried about is a minor, Neds has a strict policy when it comes to under-age gambling. Here at Neds we conduct identity checks on all new accounts and we do not allow people under 18 to open an account or place any bets. If you know of or suspect a minor is operating an active account please contact us to report it and we will suspend the account immediately until further investigation. See our age policy for more information. To protect them at home, we recommend you keep your account details out of reach and change your password regularly. Always log out of your account on your computer and phone and don’t auto-fill your password. 

To monitor your child’s online behaviour and prevent them from accessing sites you’re not comfortable with, you can always use a parental control software like Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol. For more resources aimed at parents of minors dealing with gambling please visit this website.

Need further help? Please contact Customer Support.