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Why was my card transaction declined?

Reasons why transactions may have been declined:

Bank declined
Some banks do not allow transactions to betting companies (Diners and AMEX cards are not accepted, the following banks may decline gambling transactions Citibank, Bank of Qld, Virgin Money and Suncorp).
Try a deposit from BPAY, POLI or a card from a different bank.

Insufficient funds
Ensure that the amount you are trying to deposit is available in your account. Larger amounts may be declined by your bank. If so check if any limits are set by your bank.

Incorrect CVV
Ensure the 3-digit code on the back of your card matches the one you have entered. 

Expired card
Ensure the expiry date on your card has not elapsed. If so, 'Add a New Card'. See How to Update a Debit or Credit Card here.

Card reported lost or stolen: 
If you have recently reported your card lost or stolen, your bank will not authorise a deposit.

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