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How do I verify my Debit or Credit Card?

You are required to verify all Debit or Credit Cards registered to your Neds account before making a withdrawal, or when requested to do so.

Verify your card now by confirming the exact amount debited from your Debit or Credit Card.

How to enter the Authorisation Charge at Neds

  1. Login to Neds

  2. Go to ‘My Account’, then ‘Verification Centre’. (Here you are able to verify of your Identity along with your Debit and Credit Cards).

  3. Select the Card you wish to verify and click ‘Verify Now’.

  4. Check your bank statement for the Authorisation Charge. Neds will display the transaction date on screen to assist in locating the bank transaction.

  5. Enter the exact Authorisation Charge amount in the field and click ‘Confirm’.

Note: Verification amounts are refunded within 7 business days and do not incur additional fees or charges.

You need only once to supply this information if using the same Card. If you decide to register additional Cards on our system we will require verification of the new added card.

If you are unable to verify using our Authorisation Charge or Manual Verification has been requested please see Manual Verification of Cards.

Need further help? Please contact Customer Support.